Periwick Barn

Informal Bed and Breakfast in Kent – the 'Garden of England'

Anne Shelmerdine, Periwick Barn, The Street, Plaxtol, Kent, TN15 0QF
Tel: 01732 811368; e–mail:

The Accommodation

In most Kentish oast houses, especially those built in the nineteenth century, the hops were dried in circular 'roundels'. At Periwick Barn both the guest bedrooms occupy old hop drying floors. To retain the character and integrity of the building, and because it lies within a Conservation Area, we have not incorporated either fitted wardrobes or en suite facilities into the design of the rooms. Preserving the original round shape of the hop drying floors may seem like a throwback to pre–Saxon, or indeed pre–Roman, building styles, but we like it. And we have not installed televisions in the bedrooms.

A thoroughly modern bathroom can be found a few feet along the corridor, with bath, toilet, basin and spacious shower cubicle. There is also a second toilet. Guests have the exclusive use of both of these facilities.

The kitchen is downstairs in one of the oast house roundels, beneath the double bedroom. Years ago it would have contained a coal burning furnace to provide the huge amounts of hot air that were required to dry hops on the oasting floor above. Brimstone was added to the fires to fumigate the hop flowers as they were drying. Nowadays, the old furnace room is a rather cosy farmhouse style kitchen complete with well laid table where you can enjoy a leisurely and traditional English breakfast. (If you are interested in the history of old Kentish oasthouses and how buildings like this used to work, have a look at the Time Travel Britain website.)

Around the House

The Double Room

The Twin Room

The Garden